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Bear encounter

tennis anyone??

Max, Nils and I had a mostly uneventful drive to Vancouver. After a not-quite break of dawn departure (1:30 pm once the last bit of packing was done) we managed to get to Liard Hotsprings for a soak and set up our tent. Max and Nils played some tennis while the sun went down. They lost a ball in the bushes but it was too dark to get it. The next morning, Max went to retrieve it and came face-to-face with a little brown cub. Max backed up and saw that there were 2 more cubs and Mama bear enjoying some berries. Needless to say, he backed up further and right into the car.

This wilderness encounter was followed about an hour later by 40 or so bison crossing in front of us on the highway. After that, nothing but mountains, rivers and lots of highway. We have had fun with my family except for a very scary tubing experience on the "Valley of Fear" at Cultus Lake Waterslides - no need to go on that particular slide that if you are ever there...stick to Radical Rapids!

Bison on the Alaska Highway

Bison on the Alaska Highway

Swimming at Liard Hot Springs

Swimming at Liard Hot Springs

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A week to go...the packing questions

What will we need?!?

I am growing tired of all the piles in my house...this stuff goes, this stuff stays, and how soon can I get to the Salvation Army with this last pile! It is amazing what a family of four can accumulate. I ran away from it all and went to Marsh Lake where Angus got a bullseye! DSCN3103.jpg

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