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Eureka!! Them's big trees! 07.08.2012
Death Valley Encounter 03.08.2012
Travelling in the USA 16.07.2012
More than a feeling!! 21.05.2012
Sun and sports, sun and sports....and again!! 04.05.2012
Mountains are beautiful...and tricky 04.04.2012
Easing out of Europe 17.03.2012
A Fes of the Heart 03.03.2012
Maroc'n and Rollin' with Hassan and Mohammed 23.02.2012
Maroc n' Roll 08.02.2012
Our Barcelona Top Ten 03.02.2012
Ski bums in Andorra 24.01.2012
Scarabouche, Scarabouche... 12.01.2012
Saying goodbye to "Amèzing" Mèze 31.12.2011
Enjoying beautiful Montpellier in the fall... 01.12.2011
The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains 18.11.2011
What we did last weekend... 15.11.2011
Enjoying some local sites... 29.10.2011
Yukoners enjoy life in the south of France! 21.10.2011
Mèzed up ramblings 14.10.2011
Ciao Italia...Bienvenue en France! 07.10.2011
Bustling Naples 26.09.2011
Lazy daze in Montenegro 20.09.2011
Our climbing days in Dubrovnik 18.09.2011
Sarajevo 14.09.2011
Germans in Sarajevo 12.09.2011
Mostar : 12.09.2011
Korcula, Croatia 07.09.2011
Pictures 01.09.2011
Swimming in the Adriatic 28.08.2011
Bear encounter 21.08.2011
A week to go...the packing questions 11.08.2011